Induction Heat Brewing

Brewing with an electric system has been a topic of conversation among Brewathon members for a couple years now.  The argument of RIMS or HERMS has come up more than once.  I personally haven’t given it much thought due to cost and time investment to put such a system together, until recently.  Over the past week I’ve been hearing a bit more about brewing with induction heat, which was pitched as a safe and low-cost way to go electric.   Continue reading

For My Next Brew

pb2 copy

Next up, peanut butter porter.  The flavor of this powdered peanut butter holds up to the reviews I’ve read.  It’s much more like ground up peanuts than the Jif’s and Skippy’s we’re used to.  To bring in that sweetness I plan to add some unfermentable sugars.  The rest of the recipe is a work in progress.  Happy brewing.